Henan Xinhong Grinding: Take the road of differentiation and drive development with innovation

Editor's note: 2020 is an extraordinary year for the superhard materials industry. The production and sales of superhard materials and products have continued to grow, and the market has changed from incremental to stock. The environmental storm and Sino-US trade frictions a year ago have hit the upstream and downstream markets of superhard materials. A layer of shadow. As a representative of high-tech enterprises focusing on polycrystalline diamond-like micropowder and coated diamond micropowder in China, how did Henan Xinhong Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinhong") achieve remarkable success in the uncertain superhard material market results? Mr. Zhu Shilian, general manager of Xinhong, gave the answer.


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a symposium on the analysis of the economic operation of the raw material industry

On November 26, Wang Jiangping, a member of the Party Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, hosted a symposium on the analysis of the economic operation of the raw material industry in Beijing to study, publicize and implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and listen to relevant industry associations and Beijing enterprises. Analysis and judgment of the economic operation and the next development situation, and study the work ideas of the raw material industry next year.


The difference between ceramic sand and white corundum and particle size detection method

White corundum is made of high-quality alumina powder, which is smelted in an arc at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees and then cooled. shape. So what are the differences between ceramic sand and white corundum and what are the particle size detection methods?


Introduction to the stability of white corundum micropowder

In fact, what we can provide in the current market is relatively good stability, mainly because the purity of white corundum micropowder is very high, so it has a good effect in actual use. We can do some basic analysis from the basic performance.


Application of white corundum section sand

White corundum abrasive is suitable for surface beautification of various products, processes or hardware. After sandblasting, the surface is white without any impurities, eliminating the trouble of cleaning. It can also be used as various product additives. It can be used for solid and coated abrasives, wet or dry or blasting sand, suitable for ultra-fine grinding and polishing in the crystal and electronic industries, and for making refractory materials.


Introduction of performance process of white corundum grinding wheel

With the widespread use of white corundum, white corundum products have also been greatly extended, and white corundum grinding wheel is one of them. White corundum grinding wheels are used in forming grinding in many industries, and the use effect is still good. So what is the process and performance of the white corundum grinding wheel? Let's introduce the performance process of the white corundum grinding wheel, hoping to help everyone.


What is the function of the linear speed of the sand mill?

There are often a lot of professional terms in the chemical equipment industry. If you have no deep contact with chemical equipment, it is easy to get confused. Xiaobian here is a part of the professional vocabulary that appears more frequently and has an impact on work efficiency and quality. Analysis, this chapter mainly talks about a vocabulary that affects the efficiency of sand mills the most - line speed


The principle and characteristics of sand mill

The sand mill is a wet stirring and pulverizing equipment, which can be used for primary or secondary pulverization of pigment-type titanium dioxide. The grinding body is divided into upper and lower parts. Container, top diameter 1981mm, height 762mm. The bottom of the sand mill is equipped with a feed pipe of ?102mm, and five impellers are installed on the drive shaft. The impellers are made of polyurethane rubber. Each impeller is 445mm in diameter and 38mm in thickness. When the impeller rotates, the slurry produces a rotary motion, and the impeller is driven by a 47.5-horsepower motor.


Green silicon carbide powder is a high-purity silicon carbide grinding powder

Green silicon carbide powder is quartz sand. Petroleum coke is the main raw material, which is smelted by resistance furnace at high temperature. Its hardness is between corundum and diamond, its mechanical strength is higher than corundum, and it is brittle and sharp. It has certain electrical and thermal conductivity. Green silicon carbide powder has green appearance, crystal structure, high hardness, strong cutting ability, stable chemical properties and good thermal conductivity.


Matters needing attention in the storage and transportation of green silicon carbide powder

Green silicon carbide powder has concentrated and uniform particle size distribution, high purity, large crystal, high thermal shock stability and load softening temperature, good self-sharpening and good grinding performance. Polishing performance, mainly used in single crystal silicon wire cutting, glass polishing, precision grinding wheel manufacturing, ceramic polishing, crystal grinding, filling and plastic products modification and other fields. So how to store and transport green silicon carbide micropowder? Let the editor of Qianjiaxin Refractories explain it to you in detail!


Grinding technology develops rapidly and equipment performance achieves a qualitative leap

Since the grinding principle is to grind through the collision in the machine, the larger the object, the fewer grinding points, because the large volume occupies a lot of space, and these spaces are difficult to contact with the grinding. If the volume is small, it will be in perfect contact with the grinding, the contact points will become more, and the ground beads will be very fine, and the effect will be significantly improved. Therefore, the ability to grind the latest particle beads well is an important criterion for measuring the grinding performance. Now the world's more advanced grinding can grind 0.2mm beads. The grinding performance has been improved step by step, for example, the volume of the cylinder has become smaller, and the contact parts of the sand mill are made of high-performance materials such as hard and wear-resistant carbide and ceramics.


Buying skills of sand mill

Grinding barrel material: In the sand mill industry, most of the grinding barrels of many manufacturers are made of stainless steel, and there are many kinds of stainless steel materials, which need to be confirmed by the owner.