Henan Xinhong Grinding: Take the road of differentiation and drive development with innovation

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Editor's note: 2020 is an extraordinary year for the superhard materials industry. The production and sales of superhard materials and products have continued to grow, and the market has changed from incremental to stock. The environmental storm and Sino-US trade frictions a year ago have hit the upstream and downstream markets of superhard materials. A layer of shadow. As a representative of high-tech enterprises focusing on polycrystalline diamond-like micropowder and coated diamond micropowder in China, how did Henan Xinhong Abrasive Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinhong") achieve remarkable success in the uncertain superhard material market results? Mr. Zhu Shilian, general manager of Xinhong, gave the answer.


Henan Xinhong Grinding: Take the road of differentiation and drive development with innovation

Zhu Shilian, general manager of Henan Xinhong Grinding:

Amidst turmoil in the superhard materials market

In the superhard material industry under the ravages of environmental protection, trade friction, and the new crown epidemic, whether manufacturers, practitioners, or downstream consumer manufacturers can clearly feel the turmoil in the market, and superhard material manufacturers have the most thorough experience. .

Mr. Zhu said that environmental protection has always been an unavoidable pain point in the development of the industry, especially for superhard material companies. Environmental inspection directly reshuffles some superhard material enterprises that have been seriously polluting for a long time. At the same time, environmental inspection also indirectly affects the price rise of raw and auxiliary materials such as raw materials and chemical reagents. The installation of sewage facilities has brought certain financial pressure to some enterprises.

Trade frictions and the recent COVID-19 epidemic have had a serious impact on foreign trade export companies, and there has even been a wave of refunds. Some companies have broken their capital chains. Foreign trade companies can only start exporting to domestic sales and increase their weight in the domestic market. This brings more severe challenges to the saturated domestic market.

"And with the rise of trade protectionism, some countries have increased anti-dumping duties and import duties on superhard materials and products exported to China, reducing the competitiveness of products. How to deal with the complex international market will undoubtedly test the performance of Chinese enterprises. Wisdom." Mr. Zhu said.

Fight the future with technology and differentiation

Mr. Zhu said that it is definitely not feasible to follow the traditional and popular development ideas step by step, and it is meaningless to make mass products. In short, the traditional homogenization route cannot guarantee the long-term healthy development of enterprises like Xinhong in the current market environment.

Technological innovation and differentiated development is a good choice. Since its establishment, Xinhong has been focusing on the R&D and production of polycrystalline diamond-like powder and coated diamond powder. Since the launch of polycrystalline diamond-like powder products in the second half of 2014, its The stable product quality and excellent grinding performance have been recognized by many users and widely praised by the market. However, in terms of the sapphire grinding and polishing market, Xinhong's share has reached a maximum of 70%.

In the field of diamond micropowder, mid-to-low-end products still occupy the mainstream of the market, and the market for high-grade diamond micropowder has a lot of room for development. The choice of this field just confirms Xinhong's core proposition of creating high-end products and pursuing differentiation. Mr. Zhu said that, first of all, we must deepen and thoroughly understand the existing business. Only by continuously strengthening the accumulation of technology can we respond to the unpredictable market demand. In today's environment with both opportunities and challenges, as a cutting-edge industry, Xinhong must find a way to take a differentiated route and create differentiation by virtue of the scarcity of polycrystalline diamond-like micropowder. Secondly, in terms of technological innovation, honeycomb diamond powder and other products demonstrate the core competitiveness of the company.


Henan Xinhong Grinding: Take the road of differentiation and drive development with innovation

Xinhong 2-4 polycrystalline diamond-like powder

The unique development route determines the development height of Xinhong. Mr. Zhu introduced that under the current severe situation, Xinhong took precise measures, turned crises into opportunities, and promoted the resumption of work and production with high quality. It has withstood the test of the market and achieved growth against the trend. The current order construction period has been scheduled to June. .


Henan Xinhong Grinding: Take the road of differentiation and drive development with innovation

Xinhong HGD high shear diamond abrasive

Xinhong HGD high shear diamond abrasive has a very high service life. The existence of rough surface and pits makes the diamond abrasive bond more firmly with the matrix, with extremely high cutting force, uniform self-sharpening and brittleness of diamond particles, It can improve cutting efficiency and achieve high-precision grinding and polishing effect. This characteristic is comparable to that of conventional explosive-synthesized polycrystalline diamond micropowder products.

On the other hand, with the announcement of the new infrastructure policy, the acceleration of the commercialization of 5G, the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure, and the iterative update of electronic 3C, precision and ultra-precision diamond products will usher in a new round of growth. Xinhong is also actively introducing foreign equipment and laying out the precision diamond grinding wheel market while continuing to deepen the field of diamond powder. And take it as an opportunity to expand the diamond industry chain, open up the upstream and downstream of the industry, and accelerate the localization of high-end diamond grinding wheels. 


It is Xinhong's business philosophy to achieve a win-win situation with superior products, high-quality services and customers. In the future, on the basis of building its own brand soft culture, Xinhong will continue to drive enterprise development with technological innovation, and strive to build a superhard material enterprise with deep product coupling, high added value and high technical content, so that diamond products will be better in performance and quality. A new level, making positive contributions to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the industry and the adjustment of the industrial structure.