Matters needing attention in the storage and transportation of green silicon carbide powder

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Green silicon carbide powder has concentrated and uniform particle size distribution, high purity, large crystal, high thermal shock stability and load softening temperature, good self-sharpening and good grinding performance. Polishing performance, mainly used in single crystal silicon wire cutting, glass polishing, precision grinding wheel manufacturing, ceramic polishing, crystal grinding, filling and plastic products modification and other fields. So how to store and transport green silicon carbide micropowder? Let the editor of Qianjiaxin Refractories explain it to you in detail!

Good product effect is the main reason for its wide application. In order to ensure its good effect, in addition to the good performance of the product itself, attention should also be paid during transportation. We have already discussed the problem that green silicon carbide powder tends to accumulate into agglomerates. Today, our main green silicon carbide powder should pay attention to the problems in the storage and transportation process:

First of all, green silicon carbide micropowder is strictly prohibited from flooding: because silicon carbide is a powdery high-grade abrasive, whether it is stored, transported or used, flooding must be absolutely prevented. Water immersion will seriously affect the use effect.

Bullying, when storing green silicon carbide powder, it is necessary to prevent the inner and outer packaging bags from breaking, store in a cool and dry place, away from pollution sources, and prevent moisture and other substances from affecting the use effect.

Finally, the transportation and handling of green silicon carbide powder: During the transportation of green silicon carbide powder, it should be prevented from being mixed with hard materials, and lightly loaded and lightly unloaded to reduce package damage: do not drag with hooks, do not vibrate strongly, friction , trample, smash, it is strictly forbidden to throw, affecting the use.