Grinding technology develops rapidly and equipment performance achieves a qualitative leap

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Our life is inseparable from the grinding process. Various small parts, mechanical parts, hardware workpieces, etc. that are in daily contact have a wide range of processing materials and high processing accuracy. Grinding is an important processing method in ultra-precision machining. With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, the grinding machine has made a leap in grinding technology.

Since the grinding principle is to grind through the collision in the machine, the larger the object, the fewer grinding points, because the large volume occupies a lot of space, and these spaces are difficult to contact with the grinding. If the volume is small, it will be in perfect contact with the grinding, the contact points will become more, and the ground beads will be very fine, and the effect will be significantly improved. Therefore, the ability to grind the latest particle beads well is an important criterion for measuring the grinding performance. Now the world's more advanced grinding can grind 0.2mm beads. The grinding performance has been improved step by step, for example, the volume of the cylinder has become smaller, and the contact parts of the sand mill are made of high-performance materials such as hard and wear-resistant carbide and ceramics.

However, the traditional grinding process is limited in application, and there are disadvantages such as low processing efficiency, high processing cost, unstable processing accuracy and processing quality. With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, grinding has made great breakthroughs in grinding technology. For example, magnetic grinding machines have solved most of the shortcomings of traditional grinding, improved the level of grinding technology, and ensured the precision of grinding and processing. While the quality (reaching the nanometer level), it also significantly reduces the processing cost, improves the processing efficiency, makes the grinding technology further practical, is conducive to the promotion and application of the grinding technology, promotes the progress of China's precision processing technology and advanced manufacturing technology, and enhances China's Competitive strength in the field of processing and manufacturing is of great practical significance, especially for the revitalization of Northeast old industrial bases.

Advanced manufacturing and optoelectronics industry are both characteristic and advantageous industries in China, as well as key development industries in China. Grinding and processing technology plays an important role in the development of these two industries. The nano-level high-efficiency grinding processing technology developed in this project has obvious advantages in processing efficiency, processing cost, processing quality and processing accuracy, and has a good application prospect. The grinding machine developed by the project team using this new technology is a new high-speed grinding machine. Due to its advanced performance, the relevant grinding prototypes have been used in more than a dozen domestic units, and have been exported to Australia twice, which have been widely praised by users at home and abroad. This technology is only used in the processing of individual parts, and it is not widely used. It is necessary to further improve the processing technology, optimize the parameters of the grinding process, and expand the scope of grinding processing; also improve the grinding, improve the grinding performance, and improve the grinding shape to make It has reached the level of practicality and commercialization, so as to be more widely used.

With the rapid development of China's economy and manufacturing, the world's production and demand of abrasives are shifting to China's abrasive manufacturers. Major manufacturers have opened factories in China, attracting their major component makers to Chinese processing equipment. A major obstacle to the development of Chinese abrasives is the lack of supply of high-quality parts, but this is starting to change. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to pay attention to the development of domestic precision grinding equipment.