Buying skills of sand mill

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1. The material of the grinding barrel: In the sand mill industry, most of the grinding barrels of many manufacturers are made of stainless steel, and there are many kinds of stainless steel materials, which need to be confirmed by the owner.

2. The material of the grinding barrel rotor: In terms of the process of the sand mill, there are mainly two types, one is the disc-type grinding disk, the second is the rod-pin type grinding barrel and the rod-pin type rotor. The grinding effect of the stick type sand mill is much more obvious than that of the disc type sand mill.

3. Separation device for materials and grinding muons (zirconium beads): In the horizontal sand mill, the separation device is mainly used when the material and the grinding medium are separated. The separation device is mainly composed of two parts: a static ring and a moving ring. .

4. Cooling effect of mechanical seal and equipment: whether there is leakage of mechanical seal and how many hours of service life. The key is to see that the mechanical seal circulating fluid uses a solvent or water that is compatible with the grinding material, which avoids the accident of product contamination during production and brings unnecessary economic losses.

5. Production efficiency: Whether the structural design is reasonable or not determines the production efficiency and product quality.

6. Operation: The main control part of the machine is very centralized and easy to operate.

7. It is convenient to change color, clean and replace zirconium beads: mainly to know whether the grinding chamber has no dead angle design, and how the self-cleaning effect is.

8. Complete safety protection functions: selection of materials for the whole machine, quality and safety, etc.