Introduction to the stability of white corundum micropowder

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In fact, what we can provide in the current market is relatively good stability, mainly because the purity of white corundum micropowder is very high, so it has a good effect in actual use. We can do some basic analysis from the basic performance.

White corundum powder is made by melting and crystallizing high-purity alumina powder in an electric arc furnace. The content of alumina and sodium oxide in white corundum powder is generally above 98%. It can be used as a solid structured and coated abrasive, wet or dry blasting. It is suitable for ultra-precision grinding and polishing of crystal, electronics and other industries, and to manufacture refractory materials. Because the Na2O in white corundum volatilizes after heating, it forms hard and brittle white corundum, which can be used for various sandblasting and polishing operations, sandblasting of TV screens, silicon cutting, casting sand refractories and other additives.

The hardness of white corundum micro-powder is slightly higher than that of brown corundum, but the toughness is poor. Hard abrasives are easy to cut into workpieces, which can reduce workpiece deformation and grinding heat. The main physical properties are: density: 3.90g/cm3; hardness: 9.0; color after calcination: white, dark blue; melting point: 2250c; thermal conductivity at room temperature: 900C.

In fact, white corundum micropowder is made of immature alumina powder, which is crystallized and crystallized by electrofusion treatment. In addition to high purity, it also has good self-sharpening, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and other properties. Of course, it is thermally stable. When choosing, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis of these properties, which will be more practical and relaxed, and the product will have a better reputation and evaluation in the market.