Introduction of performance process of white corundum grinding wheel

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With the widespread use of white corundum, white corundum products have also been greatly extended, and white corundum grinding wheel is one of them. White corundum grinding wheels are used in forming grinding in many industries, and the use effect is still good. So what is the process and performance of the white corundum grinding wheel? Let's introduce the performance process of the white corundum grinding wheel, hoping to help everyone.

The main material of white corundum grinding wheel is white corundum, which is made by adding a binder during the production process, and then being compacted, dried and roasted. There are many manufacturers of white corundum grinding wheels, and the abrasives and binders used by each manufacturer are different, so the performance of white corundum grinding wheels is very different.

Performance introduction of white corundum grinding wheel:

1. Hardness: White corundum grinding wheel can be used to process some carbon steel, medium carbon steel and quenched steel that does not require high hardness. The hardness of white corundum grinding wheel is higher than that of brown corundum grinding wheel, and the edges and corners are distinct.

2. Grinding: The grinding heat generated by the white corundum grinding wheel is relatively small and has good machinability. It can be made into a large water grinding wheel and then processed by large water grinding.

3. Toughness: The toughness of the white corundum grinding wheel is not very good. When the white corundum grinding wheel is used for cutting, the abrasive grains will be broken. At this time, if some binders are added for adjustment, this deficiency can be well compensated. It can also speed up work efficiency.

4. Advantages: The white corundum grinding wheel can reduce the burn degree of the workpiece and protect the vertical cutting degree of the workpiece well. In addition, white corundum grinding wheels do not contain iron sulfide and do not produce toxic sulfur odors, which are good for the environment and operators.