Coated diamond series

It is suitable for diamond wire saw, electroplating diamond grinding head, semiconductor processing diamond grinding wheel and resin bond dry and wet grinding diamond products, such as: resin bond water grinding disc, grinding block, resin diamond grinding wheel, etc.

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Nano single crystal diamond powder

Nano single crystal diamond powder is made of high-quality ultra-fine diamond powder as raw material, and is produced through special purification, classification and other processes in the later stage. All products meet the ultra-pure technical indicators. The company has formulated the supply specifications of nano-single crystal diamond powder products according to the actual demand, and can also adjust the product size, distribution, purity and other indicators to a certain extent according to the special requirements of specific customers.

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HGD high shear diamond abrasive

HGD series high shear diamond abrasives use high-quality single crystal diamond and diamond powder as raw materials, adopt Xinhong Grinding's independent intellectual property rights, and obtain a new type of abrasive material through a unique production process. It is a diamond grinding fluid, polycrystalline Ideal raw material for diamond (PCD), sintered and electroplated diamond tools.

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Diamond Grinding Paste Series

It has good lubricating and cooling performance, superior dispersibility, high strength of diamond powder, uniform particle size and good grinding effect.

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Grinding Fluid Series

Xinhong Grinding has excellent technology and formula. It combines diamond powder and chemical reagents to prepare excellent grinding and polishing products. It has very high grinding efficiency and grinding accuracy, excellent suspension and dispersion, and excellent testing equipment to ensure product stability. And through strict environmental protection testing.

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Codated Diamond Abrasive Series

Xinhong Grinding's unique plating technology solves the problem of diamond particles sticking and missing plating during the plating process. It can perform electroplating, chemical nickel plating, titanium plating on a series of superhard material products, and can also be plated according to customer requirements. Cover different weight gain ratios and processing services.

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